SInce 1952

Coffee Lab Store

Live a coffee experience

Visit us at Calle Sant Antoni 5 in Sabadell


To be able to live this experience in the first person, do not hesitate to visit us at Calle Sant Antoni, 5 in Sabadell. 
We will wait for you!

The origin of Cafes Pont is in Sant Antoni de Sabadell street, located in the historic center of the city, where we currently have our coffee lab. In the early days, the coffee shop received green coffee, it was roasted in the back room and sold in bulk at the front desk.

The business quickly prospered and the space was small for such demand. It was then when production moved to the factory on Avenida Rafael Casanova in Sabadell and the establishment began to have a strictly commercial function.

The Pont Lab Store is a space enabled for product tasting.


At the Lab Store it is possible to find and be one of the first to taste our new products before they are launched into the general market. This is a unique establishment, where it is possible to find exclusively all the products that we commercialise.