Sustainable coffee

Cafés Pont, responsible coffees

Sustainable and Ecologic Coffee
At Cafés Pont we strive to reduce our CO2 footprint and are committed to sustainability
Together with product quality, social responsibility is one of our main values. That is why we are constantly investing in the development of increasingly sustainable practices that contribute to a more ecological, social and responsible future.

Contributing to Sustainable Development Goals

At Cafés Pont’s headquarters in Sabadell, as well as at other branches in Catalonia, we have self-supply solar panels that provide our facilities with photovoltaic energy. This is a renewable and clean energy, generated directly by the sun, so it does not produce thermal pollution or carbon emissions. This measure allows a significant annual reduction in CO2 emissions, as well as a considerable reduction in energy consumption in our facilities.


We have also begun replacing the lighting, both in the production areas and in the offices, with low-consumption LED lights, and we are progressively replacing the fleet used for technical service and distribution with hybrid vehicles.

Ecological and responsible coffee

At Cafés Pont we work on developing products with environmental and ecological certification. Some products, such as Sanjami coffee, have the Rainforest Alliance seal, which certifies that the coffee has been grown on farms with sustainable agricultural production and responsible supply chains.

We also have organic coffees certified by the CCPAE. A seal that guarantees the origin of organically grown coffee, i.e. without the use of chemicals, neither in cultivation nor in processing.

Regardless of those products that have been accredited by a certifying company, at Cafés Pont we also regularly visit the main producers and exporters at source to check that responsible policies are applied, so that we can demonstrate our concern for sustainability throughout the production process.

Rainforest seal
CCPAE sello

Zero waste packaging

At Cafés Pont, we are increasingly geared towards more environmentally friendly forms of consumption, and we are committed to more sustainable packaging that does not generate waste, such as 100% recyclable packaging.

Our coffees are roasted daily and packaged, depending on whether they are whole bean or ground, in special packaging that guarantees better preservation and prevents the product from oxidising.

Cafe en gra Pont

Fairly priced coffee

One of the big trends in coffee consumption in recent years has been the use of capsules. Most consumers equate their unit cost with the cost of a coffee in a bar, concluding that consuming a coffee in a capsule is cheaper than drinking it in a coffee shop.


But in fact, a kilo of capsule coffee costs two to three times more than a kilo of coffee beans. For example, you can make around 25 cups of espresso coffee with a 250 g pack of Collection N52.